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Daher Authorized Distributor in México, representing the fastest and most exciting certified single engine turboprop

TBM Authorized distributor

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Aeroélica provides expertise in business and pilot-owned aircraft sales, acquisitions and trades.

As our main goal we offer an effective and dependable platform to sell, acquire or trade your business aircraft.

We provide our customers unbiased advice and high quality information to help them make the right business decisions.

Our company, formed by experienced team members and capable business associates, is committed to deliver a personalized high standard of service.

We represent Daher as the Authorized Distributor in México where we sell their “Elite” product, the TBM 900.


Aeroélica focuses on integrating the right people and resources to plan, execute and complete unique transactions attending customer’s specific demands.

Aircraft SalesWhen your aircraft is listed by Aeroélica, maximizing its market value is our priority and delivering at the right time is our goal. Market insight, technical expertise, effective advertisement and attention to details provide our key to perform.

Aircraft Sales Process

Aircraft AcquisitionsWe help you make the right decisions when it comes to selecting and buying a business or personal aircraft. Our team of experts will lead a process from beginning to end that will fulfill your dream of owning and flying the business jet that suits your needs.

Aircraft Acquisition Process
Discover the TBM

The TBM offers owners and pilots the advantages of climbing and cruising like typical light jets with the economy and flexibility of a single-engine turboprop.

TBM 900
  • 330 kts is the maximum speed of the new TBM 900, making it the world’s fastest certified, pressurized single-engine turboprop.

  • Unique ability to takeoff and land in short runways and still fly more than 1350 nautical miles of distance with maximum useful load.

  • An unrivaled quality of the TBM is the efficiency it achieves with the mix of its climb rate, speed and an average fuel consumption of 60 gallons per hour.

  • This pilot-friendly aircraft offers a completely digital Garmin 1000 suite with a new reclined panel that improves your flying experience and comfort.

  • Its luxurious and quite cabin includes high quality materials and more amenities to imagine, plus the “Elite”configuration will let the owner carry more baggage.

  • Rounds up with a sporty, sleek redesigned exterior including the new 5-blade Hartzell propeller, new winglets and aerodynamic exterior improvements.

Feel free to explore the most exciting high performance certified turboprop:

For more information please visit:

  • Headquarters

    Calle 7, Hangar 62 / Aviación General
    Aeropuerto Internacional de Toluca
    Toluca, Edo. de México, C.P. 50200

  • Daher Authorized Service Center

    Carretera a Laredo Km 20 Hangar 23 /
    Aeropuerto Internacional del Norte
    Apodaca, N.L. México, C.P. 66600

  • Mobile: +52-1(55)4094-3742
    Landline 1: +52(722)273-3391 ext. 157
    Landline 2: +52(722)273-3394 ext. 157
    Mobile USA: +1(631)482-6484
Any questions or comments? Please write to us
Aircraft sales process
  • 1. Aircraft technical assessment
  • 2. Certified aircraft appraisal
  • 3. Advertisement plan and execution
  • 4. Lead generation
  • 5. Secure the right offer from a qualified buyer
  • 6. Pre-purchase inspection technical supervision
  • 7. Close a successful transaction
Aircraft acquisition process
  • 1. Select the right model
  • 2. Find quality aircraft worldwide
  • 3. Secure the best deal
  • 4. Perform the proper inspection
  • 5. Export/Import the asset
  • 6. Close a successful transaction
  • 7. Fly your aircraft
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