Max range

1,730 nm

Max cruise speed

330 kts

Max passengers

6 persons

Max payload

1,400 lbs

Takeoff field length

2,380 ft

External Dimensions

Wingspan42.10 ft.12.833 m.
Height14.29 ft.4.355 m.
Length35.22 ft.10.736 m.
Wheel base9.56 ft.2.914 m.
Tailplane span16.36 ft.4.988 m.

Internal Dimensions

Maximum cabin width3 ft. 11.64 in.1.21 m.
Maximum cabin length13 ft. 3.45 in.4.05 m.
Maximum cabin height4 ft.1.22 m.
Maximum volume in cabin123 cu. ft.3.5 sq. m.


Basic empty weight4,629 lb.2,097 kg.
Maximum ramp weight (MRW)7,430 lb.3,370 kg.
Maximum takeoff weight7,394 lb.3,354 kg.
Maximum zero fuel weight6,032 lb.2,736 kg.
Maximum payload1,403 lb.636 kg.
Maximum payload with full fuel:891 lb.404 kg.
Maximum luggage in storage areas (4 seats)507 lb.230 kg.
Maximum luggage in storage areas (6 seats)330 lb.135 kg.
Maximum luggage volume (large net)30¼ cu. ft.0.989 cu. m.


(ISA conditions, MTOW, no wind,)
Maximum cruise speed at long-range settings252 KTAS467 km/h
Maximum cruise speed at 28,000 ft.330 KTAS611 km/h
Time-to climb to 31,000 ft.18 min. 45 sec.
Certified ceiling31,000 ft.9,449 m.

Runway Distances

(ISA conditions, MTOW, no wind, 50 ft. obstacle clearance)
Takeoff2,380 ft.726 m.
Landing2,430 ft.741 m.

Max. Range width Max. fuel

(ISA, MTOW, no wind, one pilot, 45 min fuel reserve) @ 31,000 ft.
252 KTAS cruise speed1,730 NM3,304 km
290 KTAS cruise speed1,585 NM2,935 km
326 KTAS cruise speed1,440 NM2,666 km