PT6A-66D Thermodynamic Power1,825 SHP
PT6A-66D Nominal (flat-rated) Power850 SHP
Time to climb to 28,000 ft/ 31,000 ft16:00 min/ 18:45 min
Maximum cruise speed at 28,000ft330 KTAS
Recommended fast Cruise at 31,000ft290 KTAS
Economy cruise speed at 31,000ft252 KTAS
FAA Certified ceiling31,000 ft
Take-off distance2,380 ft (ISA- to 50 ft AGL)
Landing distance w/o reverser2,430 ft (ISA- to 50 ft AGL)
Range at economy cruise (252 Kts)1,730 NM (ISA- 45 min reserve)
Range at maximum cruise (326 Kts)1,440 NM (ISA- 45 min reserve)
Standard empty weight4,629 lbs – 2,097 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight6,032 lbs – 2,735 kg
Maximum ramp weight (MRW)7,430 lbs – 3,370 kg
Maximum Take-off weight7,394 lbs – 3,254 kg
Maximum Payload1,403 lbs – 636 kg
Maximum payload with maximum fuel891 lbs – 404 kg
Maximum Landing Weight7,024 lbs – 3,189 kg
Maximum Usable Fuel Weight (291.6 USG)1,910 lbs – 867 kg

TBM 900 Range vs Runway Length

Sea Level, NBAA IFR Reserves, Zero Wind, Max Cruise FL310, Single Pilot 3 Passengers

TBM 900 Time to climb from sea level, ISA, MTOW

TBM 900 Range vs Payload

Max cruise speed – ISA