History – a century of innovation

The manufacturer of the TBM 900, DAHER-SOCATA, traces its roots to two companies with over a century of experience in innovation.

The DAHER Group started life in 1863 as a shipping company but has grown to become a billion dollar corporation providing services in the aerospace, defense and energy sectors while never losing sight of the concept of customer service. Today DAHER has over 7,500 employees in 12 countries around the world.

SOCATA, which joins the DAHER Group in 2009 to form DAHER-SOCATA, is heir to the company Morane-Saulnier founded in 1911 by the engineer Raymond Saulnier and the brothers Leon and Robert Morane. Morane-Saulnier was behind a number of firsts in the history of aviation, such as the first flight across the Mediterranean, by Roland Garros in 1913, and the first business jet, the MS 760 Paris from 1954. The Socata TBM 700 became the first pressurized single-engine turboprop to be certified, in 1990 and is the direct ancestor of the TBM 900.

With a history of 150 years of independence, DAHER is a company that is founded on strong principles and values, together with accountability to its stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, partners, etc.) that remain core to its strategy.

Socata TBM 900 – 2014

Morane- Saulnier Paris – 1954

Morane- Saulnier Type H – 1913

Profile – TBM 900

A new TBM. Ahead of the firewall, everything is new: a redesigned cowling with more efficient inlet, a simplified plenum to improve airflow, easy nozzle access, inertial separator up to VMO and more.

Everything is new… except the engine. The TBM 900 is still powered by the industry standard PT6A, but with all the other improvements, you get the equivalent of 80 more horsepower without increasing fuel consumption. And thanks to the new torque limiter, you can use all 850 horses right from takeoff.

When you add this to Hartzell’s new composite five-blade propeller, the TBM 900’s sea-level standard takeoff distance improves by more than 20%. Time to climb to its service ceiling of FL310 is an impressive 18 minutes, getting you to your cruise altitude and en route faster than ever.

New Winglets

The new 2-foot high wingtips will immediately become the signature of the TBM 900. Coupled with aerodynamic improvements to the ailerons, vertical stabilizer and new inner gear doors, these winglets significantly reduce drag while improving handling at low speeds and high angles of attack.

Speed 330 kts

330 kts, the maximum cruise speed of the new TBM 900. Plus, the new TBM 900 is faster at its maximum cruise altitude of FL310. The TBM 900 simply gets you there faster, by reinventing the world’s fastest certified single-engine turboprop.

Noise – 76.4DBA

At takeoff the TBM 900 generates only 76.4 decibels (dBA). Almost 3 db less than its predecessor, the TBM 900 meets the latest European and U.S. noise standards in the quiet category. Not only is the TBM 900 fun and exciting to fly, it’s also eco-friendly!

Single lever control

Unique. The TBM 900 is the first single-engine turboprop to feature single lever control.

A single, ergonomically designed lever controls engine power, propeller and engine condition. Plus, a new electronic power system allows the TBM 900 to start almost twice as fast as its predecessor, and an automatic starter cutoff reduces pilot workload during startup.

The lower instrument panel has been redesigned to provide easier access to deicing, inertial separator and other controls as well as give pilots more leg room. Pressurization settings are now completely automatic.

The TBM 900 is the most ergonomically designed and easiest to fly TBM ever!

507 lbs

The TBM 900’s maximum baggage weight – 507 lbs (230 kg). The TBM 900 gives you the flexibility of an SUV while providing the performance of a sport car. You have the option of a standard “club” seating arrangement, or in just a few minutes the rear seats can be removed and the cabin converted into a 4-seat forward-facing configuration with an unrestricted baggage area capable of holding over 500 lbs of luggage, business supplies, skis, golf clubs and other equipment. The pilot door is standard and makes boarding easy.

No other aircraft in its class offers this flexibility. The TBM 900 adapts to your needs, not the other way around!