Garmin G1000 Avionics – The TBM 900 retains the Garmin G1000 system that has proven so popular with TBM pilots.

The G1000 puts a wealth of flight-critical data at your finger- tips. Its glass flight deckpresents flight, navigation and weather information – with the new GWX70 Doppler-capable radar, terrain, traffic and engine data on large, high-resolution displays.

The G1000 system also includes the GFC 700, the first brand-new autopilot designed for the 21st century. The GFC 700 uses all data available to the G1000 to navigate, including the ability to maintain airspeed references and optimize performance over the entire envelope.

The TBM 900 can be equipped with Garmin’s SVT (Synthetic Vision Technology), to recreate a 3-D “virtual reality” environment on the pilot and copilot flight displays. This significantly improves pilot situational awareness in Instrument meteorological condi- tions and mountainous terrain.